Reunion News...!

And, the latest news is!!!...

A great time was had by all at the Medicare (reunion) Party! See the Collage of photos below...(just click on the link!)

If you would, we would also like to have an updated address & any name changes for our data base for future reunions. We would like to add your email address to our website with your permission.

To view the Memory Book...To add to it just send me an email.

Medicare Party Reunion: "Collage"

30th Reunion: "Big Picture"
30th Reunion: "Awards"
30th Reunion: "Reunion Folks"
30th Reunion: "Golf"
30th Slide Show: Thursday Nite
30th Slide Show: Friday Nite
30th Slide Show: Saturday Snapshots
30th Reunion Slide Show: Saturday Nite Dancin'

20th Reunion: "Big Picture"
20th Reunion Photo montage: Family Picnic
20th Slide show: Friday and Saturday

Last updated: July 14, 2017

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